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  • finding your future life

    Hi all. I have been seeing a lot of clients lately who are talented and bright, but they say things like, “I would love to be a music producer, but that will never happen,” or “I would love to make … Read more.

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  • Caring Peoria Psychologist

    Anytime you are seeing a local Peoria psychologist like Dr. Jane Velez, you can be sure that anything you share during your visit will be confidential. Dr. Jane Velez’s offices are committed to providing a safe and caring environment. This … Read more.

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  • Child Counseling

    When your child doesn’t want to talk to you, child counseling might be something you want to consider. In today’s age of bullies, pressure to achieve both academically and our new found emphasis on exceeding at sports, a child can … Read more.

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  • Psychotherapist

    A psychotherapist is a trained professional that uses specific techniques to solve psychological issues. Much more than a counselor, a psychotherapist has undergone academic training to both identify and treat psychological issues. Psychotherapists often use standardized tests or evaluations to … Read more.

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  • Family Counseling

    Family counseling can be a useful tool for a variety of different reasons. When dealing with divorce, dealing with the loss of child, or any traumatic event, family therapy can help children, parents, and siblings, relate and communicate with each … Read more.

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