Family Counseling

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Family counseling can be a useful tool for a variety of different reasons. When dealing with divorce, dealing with the loss of child, or any traumatic event, family therapy can help children, parents, and siblings, relate and communicate with each other. Family counseling allows the therapist to hear from each person in the family, which helps the psychologist understand the situation, and tailor the family therapy to each individual family member. This is because dealing with a death in the family, a teenager, mother, father, or younger sibling, will have different memories and issues. These could range from depression, to anxiety, regret, or simply mourning the loss of the loved one. By attending family counseling, a psychologist can identify all of these different dynamics, and provide tools to the parents on how to help children deal with the traumatic event. Similarly, divorce effects different ages and family members differently. By attending family counseling, not only does the therapist have a better perspective, but so do the family members. If you are in need of family counseling or therapy and live in the Peoria area, contact Dr. Velez to schedule an appointment. The more you can learn how to help your children deal with issues, the better parent you will be.


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