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Anytime you are seeing a local Peoria psychologist like Dr. Jane Velez, you can be sure that anything you share during your visit will be confidential. Dr. Jane Velez’s offices are committed to providing a safe and caring environment. This ensures you can feel free to be open and honest. Being able to trust your Peoria psychologist is the only way to truly get the most out of your therapy session. With fifteen years of experience, and having raised a family of her own, Dr. Jane Velez is able to provide a caring ear that you won’t find with other counseling centers. Peoria Psychological Associates has been providing this type of environment for in the Peoria area for over 15 years. There are a variety of issues our offices provides services for. These services include depression, post postpartum depression, anxiety, child anxiety, and panic attacks. In addition, Dr. Jane Velez also conducts psychological evaluations, ADHD evaluations, and psych evaluations for the court system. The safe warm environment will make you feel right at home and help in the healing process. Peoria Psychological accepts both Caterpillar and State Farm insurance carriers. When looking for a Peoria psychologist, counselor, or Peoria psychotherapist, make sure that one of your criteria includes how comfortable you feel. Call our offices today to schedule a visit and sit and talk with Dr. Velez. Or you can schedule an appointment online on this website. We are sure that you will feel as comfortable as the hundreds of other clients that have sat in her office.

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