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A psychotherapist is a trained professional that uses specific techniques to solve psychological issues. Much more than a counselor, a psychotherapist has undergone academic training to both identify and treat psychological issues. Psychotherapists often use standardized tests or evaluations to diagnose a patient’s issues. However, a psychotherapist may also diagnose mental issues through interviews and therapy sessions. This can be be done over the phone, through newer technologies such as skype, or during a personal one on one session. The goal of these assessments is to use empirical methodologies to find similar patterns or symptoms that have been identified with previous research. A psychotherapist is using scientific tools to help diagnose and treat their patients. Most psychotherapies are covered under major insurance carriers. They can provide treatment for a wide range of mental issues. Depression, anxiety, and grief, are just some of the different types of problems psychotherapist can help a person with. In most cases, they has under a specified amount of clinical practice under supervision, as well as the previously mentioned graduate training and certification. When seeking out a therapist, an individual should check a therapists credentials, such as degrees, where their residency was performed, and their years of experience. Dr. Jane Velez is a licensed psychotherapist and counselor, and has the training and experience to help whatever issue you may be facing.


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